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14th October 2010. Khagendra Thapa Magar of Baglung district has been officially certified as the world's shortest man. A team of the Guinness World Records declared Khagendra as the world's shortest man Thursday, a day after measuring his height (67.08 cm or 26.4 inch) in Pokhara. The tiny man weighs just 6.5 kg. Khagendra's Guinness feat came on the day he turned 18.
He beat the former record holder, Edward NiƱo Hernandez of Columbia by less than an inch. Last month Edward (27 inch) was handed the title but Khagendra was expected to take it off him once he turned 18. "I am very happy and excited," he told reporters after being certified by the Guinness team.
Last month, Khagendra traveled to New York and made an appearance at a huge media gathering at the famous Times Square