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7t November 2010. Bhaitika, the most important and the final of the five-day Tihar festival, also known as Yampanchak is observed today. Nepali women living in and outside the country will celebrate Bhaitika by worshipping their brothers and offering them special food, garland and gifts.
Astrologers have said, 11.31 am is the most auspicious time to start Bhaitika. According to the ritual, sisters put multi-colour Tika on their brothers and pray for their longevity. In turn, brothers will provide gifts to their sisters. Bhaitika is considered as a special festival that strengthens relation between brothers and sisters.
According to Hindu mythology, the festival is observed in memory of Yamraj, the god of death and his sister Yamuna. Hindu epics say, tired of her brother's busy schedule Yamuna invited her brother Yamraj to her place and gave her special treatment by providing Tika, special food and gifts. Sisters also worship Yamraj and his sister Yamuna during Bhaitika.
Brothers and sisters who have gone to various places for work or study also return to their home or their sister's home for Tihar festival.