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15th November 2010. The International Tiger Confefernce will be held on 21-24 November 2010 in St. Petersburgh of Russia. The conference was called by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Apart from Nepal, chiefs of 12 countries, where tigers exist, will participate in the conference. Nepal, India, China, Bangladesh, Thailand, Myanmar, Bhutan, Russia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Mongolia and Malaysia are known as tiger-range countries.
Nepal will present its strategy to double the number of tigers in the next 10 years at the conference. As per the latest report, the number of tigers in Nepal stands at 155. Recently, in an act of saving tiger habitat, the government had declared the Banke National Park besides expanding the Bardiya National Park´s bufferzone. The government has been carrying out various programs to conserve different biodiversity routes in Kailali and Bardiya under its recovery plan to save the majestic beast´s habitat.