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20 February 2011. Hundreds of Indian nationals heading to Muktinath temple have been left stranded at Jomsom for the last five days after snowfall blocked Jomsom-Muktinath road section.

The Indian pilgrims are staying in guesthouses and inns in Jomsom with the hope that transport would resume along the road soon.
Though locals have been trying to clear the road, continuous snowfall is making things difficult. Road obstruction has affected 36 jeeps operating on the road.

“Thirteen Indian nationals are staying in my hotel for the last four days. They want to return only after visiting Muktinath temple,” said Ujeli Lalchan, owner of Hotel Trekkers´ Inn, Jomsom. “As the weather is deteriorating, there is low chance of the road opening anytime soon.”
Namgyal Lama, a hotel entrepreneur, said most of the Indians that were staying at his hotel had returned saying that they would visit next time. “This is not the peak season for tourism. Had the road been blocked during peak season, we wouldn´t have been able to accommodate all the tourists,” Thakali added.
A traveler from Chennai in India, said it is the responsibility of Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) to clear the road. ACAP charges entry fee of Rs 200 per person from people of SAARC region and Rs 2,000 from visitors of other countries.