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19th March 2011. Fagu (Holi), the festival of colours, was celebrated in  Kathmandu and various hilly and mountainous districts across Nepal, Saturday. The festival will be celebrated tomorrow in the Terai districts.
People smear various colours including the red vermillion powder and put water on each other to mark the festival.
According to Hindu Mythology, the festival is celebrated to commemorate the death of Holika, sister of a devil king Hiranyakashipu, who tried to kill Pralhad, a strong devotee of lord Vishnu. According to the Myth, Holika entered fire with Pralhad to kill him as she was blessed of not being burnt by fire.
However, the fire burnt Holika instead leaving Pralhad safe. In the recent years, Holi is celebrated in the urban areas by throwing water-filled balloons or plastic bags to each other.